All-rounder Abhinav Kant Chaturvedi, better known as ‘Nanhe’ has gracefully tailored his value proposition in line with multifarious demands of the changing times, thanks to his peerless talent and fearless temperament.

Cricketer, Actor, Director, Anchor, Entertainer, Media person, Trainer and Master of ceremonies – Abhinav Chaturvedi has excelled in each of his avatars but his face and ways still exude the timeless appeal of a boy-next-door. At 49, how does he manage this feat when most men of that age invariably struggle with bloated bodies and shrinking ambition?

“Well, all I can say is that God has been kind to me.” He tells you with characteristic self-effacement. “I have always believed in giving my very best in whatever I do and not fret over bygone issues. It’s this spirit that has kept me going.”

Though Abhinav has many glittering firsts to his credit especially ever since he incepted his own production and event management company, he’s still remembered for his portrayal of ‘Nanhe’ in India’s first soap opera “Hum Log” which had none other than Dada Muni Ashok Kumar as the narrator and Anil Biswas as the title score composer. More than three decades have passed but the pull of this family drama defies every diktat of time and change.

“I am baffled and overwhelmed in the same breath. Today, TV has grown from one channel to 433 and yet a dated material like Hum Log still reigns supreme in terms of both quality and impact. The whole and sole credit goes to the prolific writer Late Manohar Shyam Joshi. His astute yet simple vision made Hum Log immortal. After unearthing the innate skills, strengths and interests of each artiste, he seamlessly incorporated their defining traits in the respective characters. That made the North Indian bourgeois family of the serial look so real and believable. We simply performed to the best of our abilities in the given framework.” He reminisces.

Hum Log was followed by Ramesh Sippy’s “Buniyad”, an engaging saga on the Partition which had Chaturvedi playing a pivotal role to perfection. His history majo …….More